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he's back [06 Oct 2005|04:34pm]
haha i'm back.
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[10 May 2005|01:46am]
my film is totally complete. i have a new recording of an old song called fairytale that i put in the movie. it works perfectly. go to www.purevolume.com/jeffhenley to listen to it.

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[09 May 2005|10:13pm]
I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today has been a wild day. i'll be finishing up my film 1 project tonight. by late tonight i will be 100% done. i can't even express what a relief that will be. i will be posting a new recording on purevolume either really late tonight or sometime tomorrow. i got a few pictures of the midtown/plain white t's show at ottobar from the other night. me and alex had a fantastic evening. it was one of the best shows that i've been to in awhile..........

the plain white t's were amazing. it was my first time seeing them.

here's gabe from midtown. he's hot and he knows it.........

here's me with dave grohl and tyler from midtown.

i'm buying the new weezer tomorrow.......so should you.......
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[08 May 2005|11:57pm]
damn, i haven't written an entry in a long time. i must apologize. i've really wanted to write lately, i have a plenty to write about. i have been sadly without internet at my apartment for like 2 weeks. it has been terrible. i'm here at my house in myersville at the moment, that's what is making this entry possible. so school is almost over, my film 1 project is very near complete, my demo cd is coming along well, i have 4 out of the 6 or 7 songs done and recorded. me and alex picked out our apartment the other day. and i'm listening to the new weezer album that comes out this tuesday right now. i'm only on track 5 right now, but from so far it's AWESOME. the songs are incredible, very well put together, and from so far every song has a really good guitar solo. that's nice from time to time. guitar solo's aren't very hip with today's bands.

"It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force... but by our skills with a lightsaber." - Count Dooku
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[26 Apr 2005|12:20am]

"For the most part, emo is worthless. Pinkerton is worthless. And all of it is gonna die. It's bad music." - Rivers Cuomo on his album pinkerton.

.....i've been on a big weezer thing lately.........
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[25 Apr 2005|12:46am]
i finally had a day off work and i had no real plans, so i tried to make the most of it. So i went to see ben folds and butch walker tonight with alex. they both were awesome. butch didn't get a long set at all though. i was disappointed about that. i wish i got to take pictures but cameras weren't allowed in. i also started recording guitars for my song "another snowy tuesday night". it went well. i found this picture of kris roe from the ataris online. i got very excited because i have his same sweater......it's actually an abercrombie and fitch sweater, how rock and roll is that????

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[23 Apr 2005|10:54am]
I'm bored out of my mind here at work. I did lay down on the floor for about 30 minutes to try to get some sleep. Than i got really bored and I started thinking about all of the jobs that i've worked at. There's a ridiculous amount of them.....

1. Burger King - (my first job ever, i was 15. i worked there for many many months. i remember my first week i hated it so much and i got so stressed i actually cried to myself at work one day. i only got paid 4.25 an hour. to this day that is probobly still my most hard working job. i quit cause i just couldn't take it anymore)

2. Roy Rogers - (job #2. a few months after quitting burger king i needed money real bad again. and i was only 15 still and it was hard to find a job that would take a 15 year old. roy's paid for my drivers ed. so my mom wanted me to work there. and me and my brother were always obsessed with their chicken. overall pretty good memories of this job. although i do remember getting sad sometimes, stealing biskits and putting them in my pocket. going into the bathroom and into a stall to hide and than eating the biskit. i quit once i realized i could get a job at the movie theater.)

3. Hoyts Movie Theater - (job #3. this job, and this time, was incredible. i still remember my very first day the movie hannibal was in screen #6. all my friends worked there. the band i was in worked there with me. lots of wild wild stuff went on....i could go on and on and on and on....i eventually had to quit after working there for about 7 months. me and my friends got in alot of trouble and we had to get out of there, be had a great run though....

4. Target - (job #4. ok this job was terrible/good. i just stocked stuff in the back warehouse. it was terrible because i hated the job. it was fantastic because that's where i met paul butman and me and him had so much fun working together. i worked with this hideous girl that we called her "rachel 50". i ended up going to her school's homecoming with her out of pity. i hated it. things got messy. weeks later it felt like she was stalking me. than she started hating me. it was wild. good good stories. but anyways, back to working at target.....i was such a bad employee. i just stocked stuff wherever i could fit it. the whole warehouse had to totally reorganize and restock everything because "someone" messed up their whole system. than, one day i was working by myself i got in a real crap mood. i just stopped doing what i was doing, i clocked out, left the store, went to go hang out with geoff at home depot. than visited toby at the fsk mall. and i never went back. it was irresponsible of me...but i hated the job so much. it needed to happen.)

5. Houlihans Restaurant - (job #5. i was out of a job for awhile after quiting target. but i randomly went to eat at houlihans with geoff and joe one day. and out of desperation i applied to work there as we were eating our meal. i remember i only ordered a side of fries as my meal. but anyways. i got a job there as a busser. i worked there for about 6 months. i enjoyed myself. it took me awhile to get used to working at a place like that. all the waiters were frederick losers. they all just talked about partying and drugs and drinking. i didn't fit in for my first month or so cause i was too uncomfortable to talk. after awhile though i came out of my shell and i had a great time working there.

6. Hoyts Movie Theater(again) - (job #6. after months of houlihans i found out that there was a new head manager working at hoyts. so me and my friends applied to work there again....just for kicks. but they actually hired us back. we couldn't believe it. again, it was a fantastic experience. i mainly just did door (tore ticket stubs). but when i wasn't doing that i was doing money tricks on the register. this is where i met alex. well i met her long before working here but. but this was the first time me and her actually starting to talk and become friends. i worked here for about one summer than quit. i remember i got suspended from work for a day because i got caught not upsaling to a secret shopper. just the concept of me being "suspended" from work for a day was ridiculous. so i quit. not on bad terms or anything though.

7. RC Movie Theater - (job #7. this theater was just built. i got a job there before they even opened to the public. hoyts theaters was going down the toilet. i worked here for like 3 or 4 months. it was great. i had a awesome time. umm then one day alex came in to visit me. i left my register and went down a hallway. my manager found me and got furious with me and sent me home.....i never returned....

8. Outback Steakhouse - (job #8) this job was terrible. i love outback, i love their bread. i worked as a busser here for less than a month. it was one of the worst jobs i've ever had. i worked soooooo hard. didn't get paid very well for it. i was very sad working here. one day i lied to my manager and told him i had an emergency and i had to leave work. i said i'd be back in a couple hours. i got in my car, put on insomniac by green day, smiled and drove off never to return.)

9. Houlihans Restaurant(again) - (job #9. upon quitting outback i went to houlihans and begged for my job back. it was not difficult. i worked there again for maybe 3 or 4 months. i waited till i turned 18 years old so i could apply at home depot. than i quit.)

10.Home Depot - (job #10. i turned 18. i applied at home depot and got the job. i got the news when i was with alex in ocean city over spring break. it was good times. i than spent a beautiful year and a half working at home depot. working with tyler, doing bad things, clocking in and than leaving to best buy. working at home depot is up there with hoyts as the greatest teenager jobs ever. i than moved to towson so sadly i had to quit depot.

11.Sheppard Pratt - (job #11. i got this job in august of last year. i am still here. i am at pratt as we speak typing this. this job is good, easy money. terrible managment. but it's easy.

12.Ledos Pizza - (job #12. i only worked at this job for one day. it was terrible. it upset me so much. i was a cook. i got paid minimum wage. worked like a dawg. and had hot grease pour all over me. so i just never went back. i don't regret it. the only thing that upsets me is i love their pizza. and it's been way too akward to ever go back there. i will go soon. i'm sure they've forgotten about me.

13.Hunt Valley Movie Theater - (job #13. i only worked at this job once. i watched the incredibles on my one and only day working for this company. it was fine. it wasn't a bad. i just didn't care. the pay was really bad. the schedule was conflicting with sheppard pratt, and the drive was really far and i didn't need the money that bad. so i never went back there. they didn't care. very poorly run establishment.

14.Borders - (job #14. i'm working here presently. i work in the cafe. it's kind of ok. i have no clue what my future holds.)
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[23 Apr 2005|07:55am]
Well damn. This entry will be partially devoted to whining. Today i'm working 2 full shifts at sheppard pratt and borders today. 7:30-4 at sheppard pratt. and 5-11:30 at borders. that makes me very sad. I am very tired. I lack time with the lady, I need time to record again, I wanna get a band going, I met a few guys but just lack a good time a day to practice, and I have to film more stuff for my film 1 class. work sucks.

i'm working on writing a new song. it's pretty cool. it involves some types of chords that i've never used before. i started writing lyrics for it the other day and i got some pretty cool lines. i don't know if those lines will work now because i don't really know what they all mean. well i know what the lines mean, but when i put them all together and they form 1 song....i don't know what it means or what it is about. now that i'm at pratt and i have nothing to do, i thought about working on lyrics but i might be too tired. i also thought about taking a nap on the floor here but people keep coming in and talking to me.

i saw fever pitch the other night. lovely lovely movie.

i'm torn between jobs. should i stay at borders working the cafe making 7 bones an hour??? or should i go to applebees and be a host making between 8-9 bones an hour???? they're both gay....but which one is less gay????

well i know this is an entry that most won't read...or be very interested in. but i needed a entry where i can ramble about all of this crap. ohhh and i had a really bizarre dream last nite that i got the back of my arms pierced. it was gory. i don't know......
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[17 Apr 2005|07:16pm]
-Home sweet home is where i am. I just mowed the lawn. i've had the best day dreams of my whole life while mowing the lawn.
-i'm going to rerecord my socrates note. i don't like it. it deserves better.
-i'm looking foward to going on a walk late tonight.
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[16 Apr 2005|06:11pm]
hey. i had some free time today (like everyday) and i recorded a real short acoustic song and posted it on purevolume. i wrote that song months and months ago and just had it sitting around. i think i've changed the lyrics about a bizzilion times cause i could never be satisfied. actually that was probobly one of the hardest songs i've ever written. i have no clue why, maybe because the song is so short and i felt like i had to cram more into it to say everything i wanted to.....if that makes any sense.......i don't know. i ended up calling the song "my socrates note". go to www.purevolume.com/jeffhenley and listen to it.

i got doom 3. it's incredible. too bad my damn computer can't handle it better.........
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[14 Apr 2005|12:40am]
So I finally finished recorded one of my newer songs. It's taken me long enough. It's pretty good. The quality is ok, the audio pops alot from the vocals. But.....i spent alot alot alot of time on that recording. maybe the average listener won't pick up on it. but trust me....there's like 20 some tracks on there, and each one i completely obsessed over. so go to www.purevolume.com/jeffhenley and listen to chorus from your friends. i hope you like it.

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[12 Apr 2005|05:05pm]
today has been a bizarre feeling day. at pratt i had to drive people around to the different parking lots in the pratt bus. i did that twice. once at 7:30am, and again at 3pm. i have 2 classes today. i already went to one. it was my principles of film class. once a year my teacher likes to show one full movie. normally he says he shows godfather or one who flew over the cuckoo's nest. this year he decided to show swordfish.........swordfish with john travolta. haha go figure. i got jason to record bass on my song. the song is now complete. it just needs to be mixed. so i should have it posted online sometime tomorrow. here's 2 pictures of me and my ride..........

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[11 Apr 2005|01:02pm]
So yesterday i did the zombie movie thing. It was pretty fun. I enjoyed getting all the makup on and what not. I got majorly lost on the way to the shoot thanks to mapquest, but besides that it went real well. here's a picture of me next to another guy that was a zombie. my arm is around him but i have no clue what his name is. the stuff on my teeth was terrible to remove. i had to get a paper towel and soak it with everclear the alcohol and scrup that on my teeth to get it off. gross stuff...........

and here's a picture of me jumping the hurtles. i was a zombie that was running track, and jumps over a hurtle and trips and lands on my leg. my legs starts gushing blood and that was my whole part.

than later that day me and alex went to ruby tuesday, went to ritas, went to target, and than watched james dean the movie. today i have my 2nd borders interview and i work at pratt. i already worked on recording my song just alittle more this morning. should be complete soon. i'm very anxious to have this song done and start on a new one.....
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[10 Apr 2005|02:52am]
damn...i just heard the new fall out boy song "sugar we're goin down". incredible.
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[09 Apr 2005|09:05pm]
I am so tired right now. I'm running on a lack of sleep. We were up till close to 5am last night filming my film 1 project. It's a huge lift off my shoulders to have it shot. I'm quite pleased. The set looked marvelous and I had 11 stunning people in costumes on camera. here's some pictures......

so now that the movie is over with i can get back with the music. if all goes as plan, i will have a new song posted on purevolume later this week.
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Bed, bath..................................and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [30 Mar 2005|12:15am]
So recording is going well. i got all guitars done and about 50% of the vocals done. it sounds great from so far. but it makes me tired. it's a very exhausting process. as much as i love recording and playing....i can't wait for this song to be done so i can relax for alittle bit. recording the full band songs are so stressful. i think once i'm done working on this one i'm going to record an acoustic song. easy and simple.

i can't wait to get out of my apartment. it feels like it's been the longest year ever.

i can't wait for it to turn april. i can't wait to change the month on my calander. i have this lemony snicket calander and i'm so tired of looking at march.

but i never get tired of looking at cubbie.
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[24 Mar 2005|01:32pm]
So what have i been doing this spring break??? ahhh nothing really. alittle on the boring side but i don't mind. once jason gets back from new york i can start the recording again. i'm kinda stuck until i have his aid again. well i saw million dollar baby last night. it was an awesome movie. if i could organize all my thoughts alittle better i'd say everything that i thought was great about it.

so i read something online from a proffessional songwriter, she said that when you write a song the song title should be the first thing you do and than work from that. i rarely have ever done that.......but i'd like to give that a shot. i have this minute and half song that i wrote. i just changed the lyrics to something i liked more....and i need a song title. any suggestions????? stupid me and my spending obsession i bought a bunch of stuff the other day. but i bought a pretty good album by the plain white t's. they have an acoustic song on there called hey there delilah. it's a REALLY good song.

you know those kind of moments that are just incredible. where words can't even really describe how it felt. well don't ever talk about those moments. if you do than you'll end up tarnishing them. that's my words of wisdom for the day.

i finally updated my purevolume picture. i really didn't like that old black and white picture of me from before. i wanted something with more personality........this isn't the picture but it's from the same shoot........

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[20 Mar 2005|12:03pm]
I don't really know what to say........i spent about 5 hours in my brothers bedroom alone last night recording guitar for a new song. sounds good. watch out ladies...........

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[15 Mar 2005|12:21am]
I have a treatment due for my film 1 class tomorrow in the evening, and i'm still not sure how or what i'm going to do. ok well here's my only plan.........it takes place on new years eve at about 11:55 in the pm. there's a guy who wants his new years kiss to be with a girl he's very infatuated with. he's gotta find the girl and overcome obstacles to get to her and he's only got a few minutes to do it. i would like there to be a stop watch counting down in a corner of the screen. i don't want it to take itself seriously at all. i just want it to be interesting and fun. now keeping in mind i don't know what obstacles he should face, where any of the locations would be, and how i would shoot the outside scenes (considering that it would have to be at night, and shooting at night would be very difficult). all in all, i should have starting thinking about this awhile ago. any suggestions would be appreciated......

i acted in a towson movie the other day. jordan called me up and asked me if i would be in his jerry springer project. where i was living in a trailer park, in a interracial relationship, only to find that my girl is cheating on me with jordan. so we drove to an actual trailer park and acted out me chasing jordan down after finding out that he just slept with my lady in my trailer. at first i was just chasing him down with a window scraper, but these actual authentic trailer dudes went in there trailer and gave me a real rifle to use in the movie. it was hilarious i don't think i've ever actually held a rife before. it was incredible.

after the first take one of the guys was like "ohhh don't pull the trigger yet, i'm not sure if the gun's still loaded".

i watched the first half of boogie nights last night while i was having trouble going to sleep. it was awesome. i'm gonna finish it tonight. i'm gonna buy the incredibles tomorrow. i'm gonna start recording "a chorus from your friends" within the next couple days. and i think i'm gonna drop one of my classes soon. abnormal psychology actually.......everything about it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[10 Mar 2005|01:04am]
my number one single..........

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